Getting with the Google Snack Pack

Some of our posts are a whole lot newsier than others. Sometimes we come on and there just isn’t that much happening when we happen to be behind the keyboard. Then others, there’s all sorts of things happening. So what’s happening right now? If you haven’t seen the SERP pages recently, you’d better take a look! The Google snack pack One of the big recent developments in the search engine world is the Google “snack pack” – at least that’s what were calling it. For years, we have had paid ads at the top of the search results page, usually an entry or two from organic results, then local results – anything from 1 to 7 entries, and then another 9+ organic entries.  this is been the standard for several years. We’ve all gotten used to it and never expected this recent change. But indeed, the changes do come. From my point of view, I have to admit I like this results page better. First off, most of our companies were fairly high up in the local, so they did naturally appear in the new Google snack pack.  second, this results in fewer companies on the front page.  Again, because most of my companies were down the front page, and reasonably well placed, they are all still on the front page. This however knocks off a number of competitors in the big picture. That front page was turning into a mini directory there were so many entries on it. I’m personally glad to see somewhat fewer entries. One thing to remember though, is that Google is always tinkering. What were seeing this month may not be this way next month, and I certainly wouldn’t bank on this particular SERP page being what we see their next year at this time. For now though, I like this. Modifications to the search algorithms Going back to the Google always tinkering with things angle, I often see that Google continues to refine the algorithms on an ongoing basis. I will see gentle declines in rankings that usually seem to be related to keyword densities in general on page attributes. Even when were not actively working on back linking with a particular page or site, I will notice a small downwards movement across many sites. This usually can be rectified by reviewing keyword densities and dropping them down even further. What used to be commonplace as far as keyword densities for local sites a few years ago would likely get you deindexed these days. if not de-indexed, then lucky to be in the top 10 pages.  I often find that just going back and giving each site a good overall review on a regular basis is never a wasted effort. How can you make this work for you? Snack Pack Rankings If you have not been working on your citations, work them. Get out there and find good solid directories, particularly specialized directories like niche specific or even location specific directories in which to […]


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